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Underwater and trying to breath...

happens for a reason...

Alona Tal as a stripper PICS and VID
Alona blue dress

So I had said that Alona was a stripper on Against the Wall the other day but no one had any pictures up yet. AlonaTal online has them!!! I hope someone makes some icons really soon for these bc they are amazing! If someone did... I would write them a mini story. :) Speaking of stories I will be posting another chapter of Good enough to eat as well as something I was writing from last year (Im bad I know) soooon!!!

here are the links!



I need a man not a boy who thinks he can
Alona blue dress

I need a man not a boy who thinks he can

Summary: This is an AU story where Dean is a woman and always has been a woman and Jo is a man and always has been a man. Joe is sick of Deanna treating him like he is a child, so he decides to show her just how much of a man he really is.

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural. This was simply done for fun and nothing more. I get nothing from writing this except for enjoyment. But… If I did own SPN Jo would be a regular and her and Dean would be married with about a zillion little baby Jos' and Deans' running around. I also don't own the title. It's lyrics from an old Spice Girls song (that has nothing to do with the story) and they own those lyrics!

Characters: Dean and Jo… okay not really… its Deanna and Joe

Words: 3,115

AN: Please be nice! This is my first gender swap and I really tried to make the characters similar to how they normally are. Please leave comments. I'd love to write another one of this type of story but I need comments to tell me what a good idea would be for them to do : )

"What the hell were you thinking! You fucking dumbass you almost got yourself killed!" Deanna screamed at Joe as he made it safely to the ground after swinging on a rope from the rafters and slicing off a vampire's head.

"I just saved your ass darling a little thanks would be appreciated." Joe said as he cleaned off the blood on his machete.

"Listen here little boy, I've been around the block a few times. I would have been fine, I had that blood sucker right where I wanted him and you swing in like Indiana Jones and almost get yourself killed in the process of trying to be some kind of hero. I knew letting you tag along on this hunt was a bad idea." Deanna chided as she poked Joe in the chest.

"Number one, who the hell are you calling little boy? I'm only three years younger than you. Number two, if you call sitting flat on your ass without a weapon and a vamp looming over you a good position I'd like to see what a bad one would be. And number three, you didn't let me tag along. I followed you because I didn't want you going out here by yourself." Joe said leaving Deanna and walking in the direction of the clearing where they had parked their cars.

"You don't know shit princess. You just started hunting a few months ago and I've been out in the field since the day I turned 12. I could have taken out that piece of shit easily because I had an arrow with dead man's blood on it in my hand. So trust me, I didn't need your help." Deanna shot back and continued to follow Joe as he walked down a deer path through the woods.

"Whatever you say sweetheart." Joe ground out as he picked up his pace through the woods.

"Hey asshole, how many vamps did you put down?" Deanna asked after a few blocks of walking.

"3, why?" Joe said, just as he was tackled by a very pissed off vampire and dragged to the ground.

"Looks like we missed one." Deanna spoke as she cut off the head of the last remaining vampire from the clan.

"Shit! Umm, thanks." Joe whispered as he looked down at his now ruined shirt which was full of vampire debris and proceeded to take it off.

"No thanks necessary sir. Just doing my job." Deanna said in a demeaning tone, just as Joe fully removed his shirt to reveal strong shoulders, defined pecs and six pack abs. She stared at him, mouth agape. Who knew Joe Harvelle was hiding that under the layers of clothes she usually saw him in? "Wow" Deanna thought as she felt moisture start to accumulate between her thighs, "He was right. He is definitely not a little boy… far from it actually."

"What?" Joe asked as he noticed Deanna staring at him with dilated pupils.

"Nothing. Let's just get back to the Roadhouse and get cleaned up." Deanna replied as she shook herself out of her daze and proceeded to get into her Impala.

"Ahh so all I had to do was take off some clothes to get her to shut up… I may have stumbled onto something very interesting." Joe thought as got into his truck.

With all of the different stimulants she had experienced that night Deanna was feeling extremely horny. First the hunt had gotten her adrenalin flowing, then Joe had saved her (even though she would never admit that to anyone), then she had saved him (which made her feel invincible), then Joe had taken off his shirt to reveal the most incredible body she had ever seen and now she was driving her beloved Impala, who's engine vibrated the seat in the right ways to get her incredibly worked up. She needed a cold shower ASAP. The problem was that everyone would be sleeping at the Roadhouse so she would need to use the attached cabin that held a few rooms for traveling hunters and a bathroom that resembled a high school locker room complete with community showers. It wouldn't be an issue as long as no one walked in.

Joe knew he needed a shower to get rid of the vamp juice he still had on him when he got back home and the only option during the early morning would be the back cabin. Luckily there wouldn't be anyone staying in the cabin as far as he knew because his dad would have sent him a message about it. Joe's dad was pretty good about letting him know if anyone would be staying in one of the cabins rooms because that was Joe's go to place to bring his conquests for a night of fun. Allen Harvelle knew all about his son's escapades and was thrilled that his son actually wanted to do something like a normal man. It also kept Joe preoccupied enough to not bother him about learning to hunt. Joe did learn however, all the right ways to please a woman in that back cabin.

Joe knew he wanted Deanna Winchester since the moment he laid eyes on her. She was a goddess. She had deep soulful green eyes, wavy light brown hair, a lean well-toned body, soft lickable skin and fully pouty lips that he had imagined wrapped around his cock often. Heck Joe even liked Deanna's personality, she was funny, loyal and knew just what to say to make things that looked like they were going to be terrible seem like a piece of cake if they worked together. In fact, the only problem with Deanna was that she thought of Joe as a little boy who didn't know what he was doing when it came to anything, not matter what it was. Deanna had given Joe a lecture the night before on how to make a whiskey sour for a patron, which made no sense because he had been making them since he was 9 years old. It was things like that, that made Joe want to put her in her place. After the look Deanna had given Joe earlier that night when he took off his shirt maybe now was just the right time to do just that.

Joe had pulled into the Roadhouse parking lot before Deanna which struck Joe as odd because Deanna loved to be first at everything. Joe proceeded to remove his weapons from his truck and head into the back cabin finding a suitable room to drop off his belongings. Joe got undressed, grabbed a towel and headed into the community bathroom, just as he heard Deanna pull into the parking lot.

"Well it's now or never." Joe thought as he turned on the water.

Deanna grabbed her possessions and headed into the cabin, well aware that Joe was already inside. She tried to open a few of the doors but found that the only room that was unlocked was the room Joe had taken for himself.

"Great" Deanna thought, "I guess I have to leave my shit in here and get Joe to open another room for me."

She took off her socks, shoes and jacket and laid them on a chair that was in the room. Deanna made her way to the bathroom, where she heard the shower running, to ask Joe to open up a room for her. She was sure that Joe wouldn't be undressed yet because she knew that the pipes took a few minutes to let the water heat up and he had only gotten to the Roadhouse a few moments before she had gotten there.

"Hey jerk! Feel like opening up a room for… Oh God!" just as Deanna opened up the door she found that Joe was indeed in the shower, with his hand wrapped around his large hard dick, stroking himself long and slow. He didn't acknowledge that she had entered the room, other than turning his gaze to meet hers.

"Ummm looks like I got here at a bad time… uhh I'll just go outside and wait." Deanna stammered as she backed up, her eyes never leaving his.

"Get over here." Joe said in a deep gravelly voice.

"That's not such a good idea Joe. I mean your Dad and my Dad are less than a block away at the house and my sister is there too..." Deanna said with her back against the door stopping once again to stare at Joe's incredible looking cock that she wanted nothing more than to plunge deep into her dripping wet pussy.

"I said come here Dee." Joe repeated as he moved from the water to position himself by Deanna, his arms coming up to trap her between the door and his body.

"Oh fuck." Deanna breathed, feeling the heat coming off of his body as she rubbed her legs together.

"That's exactly what I want to do Winchester." Joe stated as he leaned down and captured Deanna's lips with his. She was rigged at first but soon became pliant under his probing mouth. He felt himself being guided back toward the water.

"Let's see what you've got big boy." Deanna challenged as she proceeded to suck and nip at Joe's neck and chest.

"Oh honey you won't be able to handle all that I've got." Joe replied as he ripped open Deanna's button down shirt to reveal a black lace bra. "It looks like you really are a lady after all huh Winchester?"

Deanna was taken aback by Joe's display of dominance but decided to go with it as Joe removed her bra and started to do magical things with his mouth on her sensitive nipples. She wanted to say something but all she could do was moan. There was obviously more to Joe Harvelle than met the eye. Joe removed Deanna's jeans with such ease that she didn't even know they were gone until the warm spray of the water began to drip down her legs. She felt her inner muscles tighten in anticipation of what was to come next and shut her eyes as she felt a large hand caress her lower stomach. After a few more moments of feeling nothing in the place she needed it most her eyes opened and she turned around to see Joe lathering soap in his hands.

"What are you doing?" Deanna asked as Joe turned her back around so that she had her back to him once more.

"I'm going to wash your hair princess, what does it look like?" Joe replied as he began to massage her scalp.

"Oh because I thought we were going to fuck." She retorted with a hit of a smirk in her voice.

"Sweetheart ever heard of making good things last?" Joe said as he moved closer to her so she could feel his hard member on the small of her back.

He knew it had the desired effect when he heard her whimper. Joe finished washing Deanna's hair and began to wash her body slowly taking off her panties as he worked his way down her body never once touching her wet mound. Joe turned off the water and grabbed the towel he had brought in with him and started to dry off Deanna's wet body when he suddenly stopped as he was drying her legs. Deanna looked down at Joe who was looking up at her with a devilish smirk and lust in his eyes.

"Hmm… looks like I missed a spot." Joe said as he lifted Deanna's right leg and placed it over his shoulder. Deanna braced her hand against the wall for balance.

"I need to make sure you are all clean." He said as he licked slowly along Deanna's inner thigh.

"Please." Deanna heard herself whisper not even aware that she had spoke in such an unusually needy way for her. Normally she was in charge; this lack of control was something she had never experienced.

"Tell me what you want. Ask me and I'll do whatever you want baby, whenever you want it. " Joe growled as he brought his tongue closer to Deanna's aching core.

"Want you to lick my pussy… suck my clit." Deanna purred as Joe's tongue pressed into her wet slit.

"That can be done… what else?" Joe breathed between his ministrations on Deanna's womanhood.

"Want you to fuck me with your dick… oh fuck it's so big… need you in me." Deanna stammered as she felt Joe suck hard on her clit.

Moans and whimpers poured out of her mouth as Joe continued to lick and suck her sensitive bud until she could take no more and fell over the edge, her body shaking as Joe held firmly onto Deanna's ass to support her from toppling to the ground. As if in a dream, Deanna felt her body being lifted into the air as Joe carried her sated form out of the bathroom and into the bedroom that Joe had claimed earlier. He placed her softly onto the bed and left her side to retrieve a condom out of his wallet on the other side of the room. Deanna watched in a haze as his massive, throbbing member bobbed as Joe made his way back to her side and began kissing her toned stomach as if asking permission to move beyond the level they had already ventured to. The situation was quickly becoming much too romantic for Deanna, who never wanted to cause an opportunity for her heart to be broken. She had to change the mood or she may have fallen prey to the problems that love caused people.

"So how big is your cock anyway Harvelle?" She asked with a hit of a smile creeping through. "Because seriously, I've been around the block once or twice and you have a massive dick."

"9 inches… or so I've been told. How about you look at it and give me your best estimate, you know if you're such an expert." Joe said, playing along with Deanna, noticing her change in demeanor.

"Asshole… I should be offended, but I think I will take you up on that offer." Deanna replied biting her bottom lip playfully before grabbing a hold of Joe's member and pumping it a few times causing Joe's stomach contract and his breath to hitch. "I'd say that's about right. But I've always been a big supporter of the motion in the ocean getting the job done and not the size of the ship… let's see what you can do with this bucko."

"Well aren't you lucky that I have both." Joe smirked as he parted Deanna's thighs and opened the condom wrapper with his teeth.

"You don't need that… I'm on the pill." Deanna whispered, her voice quivering.

"Are you sure?" Joe asked softly.

"Yeah… I want to feel all of you. I want you to feel as much pleasure as I will." She said shyly, throwing her previous fears out the window.

"As you wish." Joe mumbled looking into Deanna's eyes as he placed his cock, moist with precum, at Deanna's wet center and pressed into her welcoming heat slowly.

Deanna gasped slightly as Joe stretched her more than any other man had before. Her gasp caused Joe to stop his movements and look at her with concern on his face.

"I'm okay, keep going. I just need to get used to you that's all." Deanna said caressing Joe's lower back.

"Are you sure?" He asked still tentative.

"You won't hurt me." Deanna replied as she wrapped her legs around Joe's hips and pulled him to the hilt inside of her, causing both of them to moan.

They staid like that for a moment longer before Joe started to move inside of her, each stroke coming in contact with her g-spot. His movements were long and slow, setting a similar pace to the one in the bathroom as he was jerking himself off. This pace wasn't going to cut it for Deanna, it was torturous having him nudge her clit with his pelvic bone and her g-spot with his cock as infrequently as they were. She felt like a giant ball of nerves and she needed release.

"Quit teasing me! Faster!" Deanna breathed.

"Yes ma'am!" Joe said with a smirk as he pounded into her body, giving her the speed and friction she needed to make her body hum with delight.

Joe continued to thrust himself into Deanna as he let his hands wander over her body, giving each part of her attention. Their moans grew louder as Deanna began moving her hips to match Joe's pace perfectly. Deanna purred as Joe pulled her up into a seated position creating more intimacy between them. Deanna felt Joe release his seed into her as her own orgasm ripped threw her body and began to quiver in Joe's arms, experiencing the most earth shattering experience she ever had. It was pure bliss. When Deanna opened her eyes she saw Joe hovering above her with a concerned look on his face and his hand to her neck as if checking her pulse.

"Hey." Deanna mumbled, still humming from her orgasm.

"Thank God! You passed out I thought you were hurt." Joe said fear in his voice as he began brushing the hair out of Deanna's face.

"I did? Wow… that must have been some fucking. I've never experienced a petite mort before." Deanna smiled, body quivering under his touch.

"Oh that's what that was huh? It's safe to say that you enjoyed yourself then Winchester?" Joe smirked as he slowly began to remove his softening cock from Deanna's dripping opening, kissing her cheek playfully.

"Don't let it go to your head sweetheart." Deanna joked as she swatted Joe on his muscular shoulder.

"Oh come on, admit it. I'm the best you've ever had." Joe teased as he gently caressed Deanna's side.

"Eh I don't know about that. I mean I can think of a few pretty amazing times right off the top of my head." Deanna said in a completely serious voice before flashing her patented Winchester grin.

"You think you are so cute." Joe whispered against Deanna's lips before kissing her like she had never been kissed before.

"I think I'm adorable." Deanna mumbled against Joe's lips, eyes closed in bliss.

"You know… I think I'll have to convince you that I'm the best the only way I know how."

"Oh yeah and how's that?" Deanna asked intrigued.

"Lots and lots of replications."

And so began round two. And three and four… and 215… and 445… and… well you get the picture.


Alona Tal as a stripper on Against the Wall
Alona blue dress
Umm why aren't more people talking about this!??? She was pretty awesome on Against the Wall the other night. If you havnt seen it check it out! Dean/Jo stripper fantisy is more of a reality that it was before... bc now we have seen Jo (okay really Alona) as a stripper! Loved it! Even tho she had her brown hair in it, it was still amazing :)

New Chapter of Good Enough to Eat is up!
Alona blue dress

Fellow Dean/Jo Lovers... my new chapter is up for Good Enough to Eat :) Next one will be up on Monday.
Its getting close to the good stuff.  (NC-17 stuff... as in not for the kids)

Head on over to FF.Net to check it out! :)

Please read, review and tell your friends. I tend to write quicker if I have people movtivate me. :) 


Happy Birthday Erica!!!
Alona blue dress

Happy B-Day to my fav. Lois Lane of all time! <3 I cant wait for Erica's new show!!! I miss her and Tom so much already its terrible! lol

Alona blue dress
Guhhh!!! So AMAZING! EPIC!!! SOooo many things I want to say but I wont... not yet at least. Im planing on writting up a little homage to SV soon but Im graduating from College tomorrow so I need to get some sleep! It was fantastic tho!!!
I <3 you Clois!!! I <3 you and I am so proud Clark!!! & Tom Welling I want your body! lol

Alona blue dress
My Country Strong DVD shipped today! Im excited :) The Beau/Chiles love is almost in my grasp! :)

Pick a letter :)
Alona blue dress

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions

My letter was U... assigned by maureen_cohen :) 

Unforgetful You-  Jars of Clay http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KMDBSC1Z
Used to- Daughtry http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QSKP78K4
Urgent- Foreigner http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XRTEIOSN
Under Pressure- Queen http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5KL4LZ6O
Unchained- Van Halen http://www.megaupload.com/?d=90MG2P0Q

Good Enough to Eat
WTF Jo? lol

Title: Good Enough to Eat

Characters: Dean/Jo

Rated: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine! I do not own anything Supernatural related. Just for fun! If I did Jo and Ellen would be alive and still kicking butt!

Done completely as if Jo was talking, kind of like a confessional. Also, think of her with a little attitude otherwise the story won't flow. And don't worry Dean will talk later too.

This is done in chapters over at Fanfic.net so yeah be aware of that.

Dean is in between my legs for the 20th time in two days. Not that I'm complaining because lord knows if feels good. I mean who would complain about having Dean Winchester's amazing mouth on their pussy, bringing them to earth shattering orgasms right? Not me, no sir. But I'm starting to get worried. I think he may be obsessed. I just don't think it's normal. He gets this look in his eye and I know I'm about to be pushed down and licked until I scream. It's like there is something that's letting him know any time I get a little damp because as soon as I do, BAMM Dean is there. It must be a sixth sense. I don't know and really, I don't care because it's the best feeling I've ever felt. What has me worried is that he gets so into eating me out he forgets that there is something else he can do with my pussy. Licking me and making me moan gets him going so much that he cums the same time I do. I know what you are thinking, "Yeah right, Dean Winchester does not cum in his pants." Well, I'm here to tell you he does and he is fine with it. Odd I know. But in total seriousness Dean is totally fine with it. I cum, he cums and then he tells me I'm amazing and cleans both of us off. It's crazy! Maybe if I told you how this whole thing started it would make more sense. Would that help? Then maybe you can tell me what you think I should do!

It all started four days ago when Dean called me ranting and raving about how some job he an Sam were on needed a woman or they were never going to kill the S.O.B. He didn't seem pleased about calling me, and when I asked him if he wanted me to be bait again he hung up the phone. I mean what can I say? I like to push his buttons. He just makes it so easy for me. But anyway, not long after Dean hung up the phone I get another call. You guessed it, it was Sam. He always tries to make things all better. He normally succeeds too, unless Dean is in the background bitching like a little girl. To be perfectly honest, under any normal circumstances I would have told the both of them to shove the job up their asses and figure out a new backup plan because I wasn't doing it. But sadly this wasn't a normal circumstance. Sam, poor poor Sam was sick. The guy made the big mistake of taking a bite of one of Dean's onion/hot pepper/horseradish/hot sauce burgers. Let's just say it didn't agree with him. Sam had all kinds of nasty coming out of both ends. I've always been a softie (although if you tell anyone I'll kill ya) and I agreed to help out with the job. So, now you know that this whole damn fiasco, that has made my pussy so raw and in need of a dick, is Sam's fault. Sam and his stupid food poisoning. Okay, so it's not completely Sam's fault, but that's not the point. The point is that I'm going to have to tell you a lot more than that to let you know the true magnitude of what is going on.

It took me about 10 min. to pack up all of my worldly possessions and put them in my car. It should have only taken about 30 seconds but I really wasn't in the mood to rush. Of course if it was necessary I would have. Luckily, Sam had sent me the address because I refused to waste my time sitting around. Surprisingly, they weren't too far away from me. The boys were just in the next state over so it only took me about four hours to make the trip. The relaxing drive in my 1970 Apollo White Buick GSX helped me to cool my temper a but, but not much. All I kept thinking about was stupid Dean and how much of a smug ass hole he was. The more I thought about it, the more I thought about the dumb comments he would make to me when I got there. At least he couldn't belittle me for my car. My car was fricken amazing. I knew he would comment about my "inability to hunt" but that was a given. The one thing I was actually stewing over was my clothing, or shall I say lack there of. I was drastically in need of doing laundry because everything was full of blood and God knows what. So much so that all I had left were clothes for jobs that required use of my feminine charms. That meant that the only things I had available were short ass skirts, dresses and tops that left little to the imagination. To make matters even worse I had run out of panties so I had to go commando. Let me be the first one to tell you that some of these clothes really needed to be paired up with some panties. Oh well who was I to care right? I mean Dean thought of me as his sister and Sam was completely sick so he wouldn't try anything. I figured I was in the clear. All I would have to do was listed to Dean bitch about the clothes for a little while and then I'd be through with it. I could here the rant now, "Jo! What the hell are you thinking? You can't hunt in that! The monsters are going to want to rape you! Blah blah blah!" Well Dean had to fucking deal with it. You call me on laundry day this is what you get.

Sometime during my mental battle I had made it to the motel. I decided it was best to put on my trench coat to cover myself up. I didn't want to be bothered by Dean's shit as soon as I walked in the door. I made my way to the room and knocked. Sam answered the door looking like shit but still gave me the best smile he could muster up. I gave him a nod and a small pat on the shoulder as if to say I acknowledge your pain. I walked into the small motel room like I owned the place, not that I wanted to though. The cheap ass motel had carpet that looked like puke. Sam had made his way over to a bed and Dean sat on a couch not even looking up from the TV he was watching. No one had spoken at this point and I've never liked awkward silences so I decided to start the convo.

"Nice Dean. Way to pick a motel with carpet that looks like vomit. Do you want to make poor Sam suffer even more?" I said in a voice that sounded like a concerned mother.

Just as I said that Sam's eyes grew wide and he rushed off to the bathroom to empty more of his stomach contents if that was even possible.

"Damn it Jo, look what you did!" Dean growled as he got his ass off of the couch and came toward me. When his eyes met mine I knew he was thinking something but whatever it was quickly was covered up with annoyance. I brushed the look off.

"It's not my fault you are so inconsiderate." I mused.

"Yeah Dean I mean really. Such a gentlemen too, you didn't even ask the lady for her coat." Sam growned from the confines of the toilet bowl. He was trying to lighten the mood. Poor baby, I really did feel so bad for him.

"I don't see no lady." Dean said as he smirked at me.

"That's okay Dean-o, the only gentleman I see is neck deep in vomit. Besides you don't need to worry about my jacket. I need to get another room. I cant sleep in here with the smell. No offense Sam." I replied as I turned for the door.

"None taken." Sam mumbled.

"Can't deal with a little stink huh Jo?" Dean chided.

"Oh I can. I just choose not to." With that statement I made my way out the door.

I just love to have the last word. Honestly, I think that's one of the things that leads me to the situation that I'm in now. Well, that and my lack of panties. Once I leave the boy's room I head over to the motel office and get a room. The only thing available is an "upgrade". Thank God I had enough in my budget to get the room because there was no way in hell I was sleeping in Dean and Sam's room. I'm not a princess but that place was a shit box, no pun intended. I get to my room and find that it to is a shit box. I mean what did I expect right? Oh well, at least it doesn't have puke green carpet and the bed looked semi clean. Good thing I don't go anywhere without my own sheets. I'm not afraid of germs or anything, I mean really, I did up corpses for fuck sake but I'm not a fan of laying in other peoples bodily excretions for a night. I take of my coat and make my bed. I just finish when I hear a knock at the door. I look out the peep hole to see mister d-bag himself not looking to pleased I might add.

Okay so you know how I told you that going on this hunt was my first mistake, well opening the door is my second. And you know that look Dean gave me earlier? Well that was the first step in the process that has caused me so much pleasure and so much pain. The second step is coming up really soon. I know you have all been patient but you need to know the background. I completely understand that you all must think that I'm insane when it comes to Dean and what he has been doing to me. You are all thinking, "Jo, why can't you just be happy with Dean constantly eating you out?" You know what? I really wish that I could. Really I do. But once you have had some of Dean Winchester, you want it all. Call me selfish, I don't care. I just need him in me right now.

Sorry I went off on a tangent. Where was I? Oh yeah, so I open the door and Dean blows right past me with a stack of papers and heads straight to the bed. He eyes my soft blue silk sheets in what I can only guess is confusion because he has his back to me and then plops on the bed boots and all.

"Alright princess lets get this thing over with." He grumbles still not looking at me.

"Dean Winchester you get your fucking shoes off my sheet right now or I swear to God I will cut them off of your feet!" I yell seething mad.

What a dick he is! Ugh I want his dick so bad. Oh shit sorry! I'm just really frustrated, I didn't mean to get off topic. Anyway, he sighs, takes of his boots and throws them on top of my bags. At this point I'm so annoyed with him I don't even bother to yell at him. I just walk over and pick up his boots to move them. I'm in the middle of bending over when I hear a deep grown coming from Dean. I turn around to rip him a new one for being such an ass all of the time and that's when I see that look in his eyes again. The same look from before. This time it doesn't go away and so I had time to decipher it. The look Dean was giving me was a look of lust. Why is he giving me that look and why am I standing her like a dumb ass not saying anything? I thought. Oh…. that's right, I wasn't wearing any panties. That must have been it. I was wet too which really didn't help I'm sure but I couldn't help it. Seeing Dean made me wet, even if I was pissed at him. We were frozen in our places for what seemed to me like hours. I finally got up the nerve to say something.

"Uh you guys caught me on laundry day. All I have left are trashy things. They are things that I wore when I went undercover as a stripper and a hooker and a porn start…" I babbled on and on, I couldn't control what was coming out of my mouth. It really was pretty funny thinking back on it now.

"Umm yeah so sorry." I shrugged.

Dean just stared.

I was pretty self conscious about the whole thing. I mean he wasn't saying anything. He was just sitting there slack jawed. His reaction could have given a girl a complex. Luckily his eyes told me what he was thinking more than anything else. Besides that, I've been told on an occasion or two that I had a "pretty pussy". Yeah I pick some real winners. Oh well a girl has needs right?

All I knew at that moment was that I wanted to change the topic. I had to think of something that would get him to talk. I decided what better way was there to do that than bring up the hunt.

"Okay… so yeah, what's with the case?" I ask tentatively trying to feel out the waters. Thank goodness this knocks Dean out of his trance.

"Uhhh umm right the case" he stutters, "Well, over the past 50 years 9 women have gone missing in the next town over, one woman every 5 years. Odd thing is right before a new woman is taken the one from the last 5 years shows up dead. The only connection we have so far is that all of these chicks are young and in the business of helping people. Nurses, cops, and volunteers at the orphanage or mental hospital you know your basic do gooder." He states as he lounges back onto the bed.

It completely amazes me how quickly he can become so professional. Not even 10 seconds ago he was incoherent and now he is as cool as a cucumber. I truly envy that about him. Anyway, so I go over to the bed to look at the paper work that he has laid out. I've always had a knack for finding things that may not be clear to other people and so I want to check out the info. I take a seat near the edge of the bed, the absolute farthest place on the bed from Dean. At this point I don't trust myself with him. Truthfully I don't trust myself with him now, but it's for other reasons. Now I don't trust myself not to rip of his pants and ride him like it's going out of style, then I didn't trust myself not to punch him in the face. It hits me while I'm looking over the paper work why the guys needed me for the job. Frankly it still pisses me off.

"You have got to be kidding me right? A female who is young and helpful? Great, who can be more helpful than a female hunter? So you really do need me to be bait huh?" I say indignantly.

"What can I say Jo, you really know how to draw the bad ones out of their hiding places." He says with his stupid shit eating grin.

"Well yeah, it definitely worked on you. You followed me to my room didn't you Dean" I ask standing back up and balling up my fists. I am so ready for a fight at this point.

Are you ready for things to get real interesting? Don't say I didn't warn you.

"Now Jo you know I'm one of the good guys." Dean purrs looking me over still lounging in my silk sheets.

"Yeah right Dean, just because you save people from evil shit doesn't make you a good guy. A good guy knows how to treat people right. You are seriously lacking in that aspect. Especially with me." I say stepping toward him and jabbing him with my pointer finger in the chest for emphasis.

"Do you want me to treat you right Jojo? I could treat you right and show you just how good of a guy I am." He says as he grabs my hand and pulls me into a straddle on top of him.

I didn't give in that easy. I mean what kind of girl do you take me for? Plus come on, when have I ever backed off of an argument? Yep you guessed it never. So even though the thought of Dean Winchester showing me that he could treat me right and be a "good guy" pretty much made Niagara Falls activate in between my legs I stuck to my guns, snapped out of my lusty haze and punched him in the face. He really wasn't expecting that. But honestly if I've done it once already he should be aware that it can and may happen again. The problem with this punch wasn't his reaction, it was my reaction. Honestly I don't even know what his reaction was because I was too busy worrying about what has happening to me. Right as my fist made contact with Dean's jaw, his whole body bucked up from the surprise strike. This in turn caused my legs to slip on my silk sheets and me to slide pussy first right onto Dean's rock hard dick that he was somehow concealing. Okay, remember what I'm wearing? Short ass mother fucking dress and no panties. To make things even more shitty I was so wet at this point that I was sure as soon as I got off of him there would be a wet spot on his jeans. So there I am sheet white having a mini panic attack in my head when Dean shift under me. My eyes slammed shut and he made me moan so loud I swear Sam would have been heard it in his room 5 doors down. I think Dean moving under me like that is just a fluke and he wants me to get off of him so he can get some ice for his jaw or something but then he does it again and again and again and he's groaning and I'm moaning and I'm getting too into it for my own good. So there I am dry humping Dean Winchester when I realize, Oh shit this is Dean Winchester! What the fuck is wrong with me! And my brain wins out over my body and I'm somehow able to throw myself off of him onto the other side of the bed. I open my eyes for the first time since I landed on his jeans and I look over at him and his flushed face. God did he look hot. He's panting there just looking at me while I stand and adjust my dress so I'm covered from his gaze.

"Go back to your room and change your pants. We have some people to save. End of conversation." I grunt out and point to the door.

He stands and adjusts his now very obvious (HUGE) erection and wanders in a daze toward that door. I walk over and open the door and wave him out but he doesn't move.

"Get out. I need to change and so do you. Meet me at the cars in 20 min." I say still trying to keep my tone even.

"But Jo…" Dean starts but I push him out of the door.

"What part of end of conversation don't you understand?" I say as I slam the door.

Okay so yeah I'm a bitch but really my sex life is not as important as saving people from evil monsters. Sad but true I know. I was kind of depressed about it honestly. But little did I know, the best was yet to come.

In all honesty I felt really bad leaving poor Dean with a rock hard erection outside of my door. I mean I didn't want him to get blue balls and not be able to focus on the hunt, but I knew if I did anything some other woman would be kidnapped by whatever this thing was and the woman she would be replacing would end up dead somewhere. I couldn't have that. So I sent him on his way and gave him 20 min. to do whatever he needed to do to get rid of his "problem". Now I know you are thinking, "Jo, you could have taken care of that little issue with him and then you could have gotten some relief too." But really, I couldn't have my first time with Dean be a quickie. I wanted the real deal.

I changed into a jean skirt and a macramé midriff halter top and a pair of Chuck Taylor's. And you guessed it, no panties. I HAD NONE LEFT! Literally every pair I owned were full of mud, pond water, sewer water or some kind of monster's blood. I decided at this point that I couldn't go around not wearing panties for as long as it took until I could get to a washing machine. I decided the only thing I could do would be to hand wash them in the tub. By the time I had finished, the bathroom looked like it belonged to a prostitute. It had panties of all kinds hanging from any place I could put them. By the time I was finished my time was up.

I decided against a jacket because I figured my cover would be better established if I looked like a drunken little slut going to bang her boyfriend in the woods. I was pretty sure that any kind of jacket would look out of the ordinary because incredibly warm night. It finally hit me as I was grabbing my purse full of assorted weaponry and walking out the door that I was going to have to sit in a car with Dean for God knew how long while we were on this stake out. Oh it was going to be just fantastic. Not. Okay well it was… but I only think that now. I certainly didn't think that then.

I had gotten outside at precisely the same time that Dean was opening his car door. He looked at me and was about to speak but I beat him to the punch.

"How about we forget that happened mmkay? We have a job to do." I say casually as if what happened between us was no big deal.

He gets into the Impala and mumbles under his breath so that I can only barely hear, "It's kind of hard to do with you wearing that." I smile slightly before quickly removing it from my face and getting into the car.

"Let's get this over with so I can leave please." I groan. I need to keep my guard up. After all this is Dean Winchester I'm dealing with here people.

I toss my purse in the back seat as we pull out of the parking lot. There really was no reason at all for me to do that but I did, I guess I just needed something to do. We start to head off toward the place where the kidnappings had been taking place over the years and at this point I kind of zone out. I stare out at the scenery that is passing by and I lose track of time. I'm jolted out of my state of peace when Dean parks the car in a wooded area and turns off the Impala's engine and puts it into auxiliary. I reach over and turn on the radio finding the steady rhythm of The Zombies Time of the Season soothing in the silence. Dean reaches over and changes the channel to the very suggestive Cat Scratch Fever. He puts his hand down on his knee and says some line of bullshit about the driver picking the music.

I turn away from him and look back out into the woods. The more I look at Dean the more I want him and we couldn't very well have something happen on a stake out. After what seemed like forever I saw a flash of something in the distance. It turns out to be a rabbit but I realize that I should probably have my weapons closer to me. I squeeze the top half of my body through the opening between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat and reach for my purse. In retrospect I should have just gotten out of the car and grabbed the purse but no, obviously I wasn't thinking. As soon as I lean through the seats my tiny ass skirt bunches itself up around my hips and I know things are only going to go downhill from there. Just as I finish my thought guess whose fingers start petting my pussy in the most amazing way imaginable? Well it wasn't a ghost that's for sure.

So there Dean is stroking my pussy like it's a damn cat and I can't move. All I can think is "Ohhh MY GOD! SO GOOD!" and it's not like he has even done anything yet. I stay completely frigid until Dean slowly inserts his finger into my dripping wet opening and I let out a moan that apparently I've been holding in, because I can hear myself and I sound so damn needy. And that's just great because now I've given Dean an edge which I know he is aware of because I can hear him chuckle softly to himself.

I push back toward him urging him to go deeper and in a husky whisper (which I swear to God made my body want more than it ever has in my life) he says, "Oh fuck Jo, so tight… tightest pussy I've ever felt… wanna feel you on my cock Jo, you want that baby? Please tell me you want it."

I'm so horny , so wet and so needy at this point that I forget all of the dumb shit Dean has ever said to me and I somehow manage to pant out a breathy, "Oh yeah". As soon as I do he removes his finger from me. The loss of Dean inside of me is torture. I'm pretty confused at this point because he isn't moving like I thought he would be, so I get a little worried that he may see the "thing" that were are supposed to be on the lookout for. I grab my purse and turn back around to a seated position in the passenger seat and pull out my gun. I look around and I can't see shit so I look over to Dean. He has this big ass fucking grin on his face. I'm completely hazy and I have no clue what the hell is going on. I look around one more time and then my gaze settles on his face.

"Umm what the hell is going on?" I ask in a concerned voice.

"Nothing Jo. We are on a stakeout and nothing is happening." He says completely stoic.

"Yeah I am completely aware of that now. What just happened a minute ago?" I ask with my eyes narrowing.

"Oh yeah that… that was payback. You can't just punch me in the face and not expect me to not do anything about it. Seriously, you only got away with that the first time we met because we didn't know each other. But we do now and I can't hit a girl back so I had to do something didn't I?" He says matter of factly.

My blood is boiling. I'm pissed off beyond belief right now and I can't stand the sight of him. I decided to get out of the car and try my hand at a little tracking to get my mind off of how pissed off at him I am.

"Yeah well at least I won't have blue balls because of this Deano." I say as I glance down at his package as I grab my pistols and knife and exit the car.

"That's okay JoJo, you and my cock have a date later tonight. I mean I did ask you already and you said yes…" He laughs and I can hear him as I walk away.

"That's if whatever this thing is doesn't bite your dick off first." I call back behind my shoulder as I make my way deeper into the forest.

Ill be adding on more tiny chapters soon ; )

AHH!!! Found it!
Alona blue dress

I just found the song Give in to Me sung by Leighton and Garrett in Country Strong that includes the sex scene (well most of it anyway)
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